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The Coquitlam Teachers’ Association (CTA) was incorporated as a society under the Societies Act on May 23, 1973.  Since that time the membership has grown steadily to more than 2300 teachers; making the CTA the third largest BCTF local in the province.  The history of the organization illustrates its effectiveness in working for the rights of teachers and students in promoting public education.

Past Presidents

50s                         Jim Stewart
1951/52                 Fred Innis
1957/58                Ken Mutten
1959/60               Ted Kirby
1960/61               J.G. Stokle
1961/62               Doug Grant
1962/63               Dick Hopkins
1963/64               F.B. Tessman
1964/65               Jack Block
1965/66               Jim McNamee
1966/67               Dick Cresswell
1967/68               Sam McAskie
1968/69               Frank Roemer
1969/70               Margaret Morgan
1970/71               Barry Jones

1971/73                Dale Gregory
1973/74                Al Argue
1974/75                Les Phillips
1975/76                Russ Kidd
1976/78                Mike Lombardi
1978/81                Geoff Peters
1981/82                Debbie Gregg
1982/85               Gordon Wickerson
1985/89               Mike Lombardi
1989/91                Ken Hammond
1991/97                Jamie Ross
1998/10                Kathleen Thomson
2010                      Caroline Malm (Acting)
2010/13                Teresa Grandinetti
2013/2016           Charley King

2016/present       Ken Christensen