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LSA Council 2017-2018

A Local Specialist Association (LSA) is a group of teachers interested in promotion and advocacy of professional development in the specialist area.

Meggan Crawford

#39 – Suwa’lkh

Meggan Crawford

Aboriginal Education
#39 – Suwa’lkh

Anne Davies

Cooperative Learning
#93 – Banting Middle

Indira Dhaliwal

#24 – Hillcrest Middle

Elaan Bauder

#108 – Kwayhquitlum Middle

Nicole Roberge

Drama Teachers
#132 – Riverside Secondary

Crystal Bjerke

Early Career Teaching Association (ECTA)
#102 – Citadel Middle

Rachel Labossiere

Home Economics
#88 – Port Moody Secondary

Chris Carmichael

Music Teachers
#130 – Pinetree Secondary

Allisa Sarte
Marina Mehai

Science Teachers
#88 – Port Moody Secondary

Karen Leonard

#86 – Moody Middle

Christine DeLancey

Teachers of Inclusive Education
#95 – Learning Services

Mike Roest

Tech Educators
#127 – Heritage Woods Secondary

Judi Gardnner

Visual Arts
#88 – Port Moody Secondary