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One of the primary goals of the CTA is to promote the continuous career long, professional growth of our members. Professional development (PD) is considered to be a process of personal growth through programs, services and activities designed to enable members, individually or collectively, to enhance professional practice.
Professional development at the local level is governed by the collective agreement and local union policies. Central to all local union provisions is the recognition of professional autonomy of members to plan and pursue their professional growth. Members undertaking their responsibility for professional growth realize the value of their professional autonomy in making choices about their professional development. Members can strengthen their teaching practice and professionalism through teacher collaboration, mentorship, action research, workshops, professional course work, professional reading, peer coaching and reflection

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The CTA/School Board joint fund is intended to provide assistance to defray costs of those attending professional development functions. Approvals and allocations are governed by the CTA/CSB in-service policy and rulings.
The following pages contain information regarding applications for both the individual yellow forms and group PD funding.


The CTA/CSB sponsored Professional Development Day is a teacher planned and driven day bringing teachers from across the district, as well as outside districts, together for a day of learning, collaboration and professional growth.  Coquitlam teachers are invited to join the PD Day Working Group to volunteer their time and energies building an amazing day for their colleagues.

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An LSA (Local Specialist Association) is a local chapter of a Provincial Specialist Association.
An LSA affords opportunity for teachers to discuss local problems and to exchange ideas. These groups of enthusiastic teachers are encouraged invite speakers to locally sponsored workshops and professional development days and can work through the local teachers’ union on local conditions that need improvement.
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