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Behaviour Workshop - Proactive Strategies for Children with Challenging Behaviour

BC will be February, March & April, 2018

Having children in our classrooms who may not be cooperating, aggressive, inattentive, calling out, and not engaged in learning create environments that can become negative and draining.

Are you experiencing any of these issues??  If you are I would love to support you as part of our team.  With the SAVE YOUR SANITY workshops we not only provide you a full day of learning with peers but ongoing email support following the workshop.  I have tons of strategies to share with you and I would love to help.    ABOUT ME

In this seminar you will learn:

  1. Proactive strategies that can be implemented immediately in the classroom
  2. Strategies for anxiety
  3. You as a strategy
  4. Handling Stressful situations in a calm manor
  5. Executive functioning strategies for children
  6. Organization, communication, cognitive, social skills, goal setting and anger/oppositional strategies
  7. How to create a safe secure environment and to empower students to become a part of their learning community

This workshop focuses on Strategies! Strategies! Strategies!

The dates are set for our popular Behaviour Workshops in Canada 2018.

BC will be February, March & April, 2018 click here for a brochure with locations, dates and workshop information.  Many of you may have attended this workshop in the past and would know of colleagues who would benefit from attending, if you could forward this on that would be appreciated.

We have also developed online courses for your convenience, click here to access more information


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