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Coquitlam Teachers’ Association (CTA) was incorporated as a society under the Societies Act on May 23, 1973. Since that time the membership has grown steadily to more than 2300 teachers; making the CTA the third largest BCTF local in the province. The history of the organization illustrates its effectiveness in working for the rights of teachers and students in promoting public education.

Highlights from the CTA Year End General Meeting
May 16, 2018

Released Officers:
President – Ken Christensen
First VP – Amanda Long
Second VP – Kara Obojski
Labour Relations Officer – Andy Gilligan
PD Chair – Holly Stibbs

Members at Large Executive Committee:
Meggan Crawford
Jacqueline Favelle
Kay Jasinski
Haymen Leong
Natalie Malakoff
Christine Wong

BCTF Local Reps:
Sandra Cowan and Andy Gilligan
(join Diether Malakoff and Amanda Roberts who are continuing their two year term)

Committee Chairs:
TTOC Chair – Geoffrey Kehrig
PD Chair  – Holly Stibbs
LSA Council Chair – Meggan Crawford
Adult Education Chair – Karen Jogha

Our Social Justice Chair is pending and will be elected in the Fall due to policy changes locally
to create a CASJ model that replicates BCTF structure of a social justice committee
with action groups in different areas. That policy change was also ratified at our meeting.

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2017-18 Multiculturalism & Anti-Racism Committee (MARC) Awards:

Corrie Archer (Kwayhquitlum Middle)
Tammy Ferdinandi (Blakeburn Elementary)
Kirk Gummow (Aboriginal Education)
Hasheem Hakeem (Dr. Charles Best Secondary)
Amanda Roberts (Port Moody Secondary)
Shawna Colleen Smith (Gleneagle Secondary)
Sonya Wachowski (James Park Elementary)
Ryan Williams (Aboriginal Youth Worker)

Many Great Prizes this year.

$100 Restaurant Gift Card – Tessa Voykin (Gleneagle)
Year End School Luncheon – Elena Danesin (Rochester)
BCTF T-Shirt – Michelle Sigismun (Glen)
Ken Follett Novel “A Column of Fire” – Sharon Lee (TTOC)
Tanya Talaga Autographed copy of “Seven Fallen Feathers – Sheila Drysdale (Castle Park)
United Library Services 3 Book Bundle – Jane Irvin (Aspenwood)
BCTF Tote Bag w/artistic note cards – Justin Van Hove (Hillcrest)
BCTF Mural Tote Bag w/artistic note cards – Craig Sung (Birchland)
CTA Swag Bag – Meggan Crawford (Suwa’lkh)
Keurig Travel Mug w/Starbucks Card – Michelle Wise (R.C.MacDonald)
$50 Chapters/Indigo Gift Card – Frankie Brovold (Aspenwood)
CTA Swag Bag – Tessa Voykin (Gleneagle)
$50 Chapters/Indigo Gift Card – Natalie Malakoff (Kilmer)