Coquitlam Teachers’ Association (CTA) was incorporated as a society under the Societies Act on May 23, 1973. Since that time the membership has grown steadily to more than 2300 teachers; making the CTA the third largest BCTF local in the province. The history of the organization illustrates its effectiveness in working for the rights of teachers and students in promoting public education.


Apparently, early Friday morning (May 17, 2019), the School District and, by extension, the CTA were victims of a phishing scam. An email purported to contain information about bargaining was circulated to district teachers. It has suspicious elements to it, like the source address not being a CTA address and some poor grammar and less-than-professional diction. Friday morning an email was sent from Ken's district email stating this wasn’t us and have reported the email to the School District. We will be following up with them to determine the source and ensure members are protected from such things in the future. For reference, we will always communicate using a cta43.org or our cta@sd43 address and will usually link to our website portal. 


2019-2020 Executive Committee

At our Year End General Meeting held May 15, 2019 we elected our 2019-20 Executive Committee & ratified Committee Chairpersons.

Released Officers:
President - Ken Christensen
First Vice President – Kara Obojski
Second Vice President – Diether Malakoff
Labour Relations Officer - Andy Gilligan
PD Chairperson – Meggan Crawford

Local Reps to the BCTF
Meggan Crawford and Amanda Roberts
(they will join Sandra Cowan and Andy Gilligan who are continuing the second year of their two year term).

Theresa Disney
Kay Jasinski
Angie Lundin
Natalie Malakoff
Christine Wong
Lorna Wou

Committee Chairs
Committee of Action on Social Justice – Karen Learmonth
TTOC Chair - Geoffrey Kehrig
PD Chair  - Meggan Crawford
LSA Council Chair - Meggan Crawford
Adult Education Chair - Karen Jogha

Education Funding Review & the Prevalence Model Proposal for Funding for Special Needs

Please read the document below produced by the BCTF articulating our concerns with the education funding review and the prevalence model proposed for funding for special needs. A change to a prevalence-based funding model undermines teachers’ collective agreement language on class composition and the ratios language that are primary workload control. The disconnection of funding from identification means that there will be no way to enforce that students receive the help that they need. No jurisdiction has ever embraced a full funding model based on prevalence. We need to fight this at every opportunity. This brochure provides information you can use to talk to people about this matter.  Please, also communicate with your MLAs on this matter. This is a government initiative and they need to hear how people feel about it.

CTA Calendar 2018 - 2019


CTA Calendar 2019 - 2020