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Coquitlam Teachers’ Association (CTA) was incorporated as a society under the Societies Act on May 23, 1973. Since that time the membership has grown steadily to more than 2300 teachers; making the CTA the third largest BCTF local in the province. The history of the organization illustrates its effectiveness in working for the rights of teachers and students in promoting public education.

2017-2018 Executive Committee

President:                                   Ken Christensen    [CTA Office]

1st Vice-President:                   Amanda Long        [CTA Office]

2nd Vice-President:                 Kara Obojski         [CTA Office]

Local Reps to the BCTF:         Diether Malakoff    [Centennial Secondary]

                                                     Amanda Roberts   [Port Moody Secondary]

Members-at-Large:                 Meggan Crawford [Suwa’lkh]

                                                     Jacqueline Favelle [Mountain View Elementary]

                                                     Haymen Leong      [Riverside Secondary]

                                                     Melanie Mattson    [Centennial Secondary]

                                                     Christine Wong     [Continuing Ed]

Committee Chairs for 2017-2018

PD Chair: (0.4 FTE release)                                  Holly Stibbs               [CTA/Meadowbrook]

Labour Relations Office: (1.0 FTE release)       Andy Gilligan        [CTA Office]

Multiculturalism & Anti-Racism Chair:          Susan Barnes        [Kwayhquitlum Middle]

TTOC Co-Chairs:                                                   Geoffrey Kehrig     [TTOC]

                                                                                   Kristina Sunjic      [TTOC]

Adult Ed Chair:                                                      Karen Jogha          [Continuing Ed]

Social Justice Committee                                    Karen Learmonth  [Gleneagle Secondary]

LSA Council                                                          Meggan Crawford  [Suwa’lkh]